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Alaska State Library and Information Resources

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The Division of State Libraries, Archives & Museums is part of the Department of Education and Early Development with headquarters in Juneau and an office in Anchorage. The State Library coordinates library services throughout the state and serves as the information resource for state government and the legislature. The main library and reference section is located in the State Office Building in Juneau. 


The State Library website includes the catalog for the Juneau and Anchorage collections and information specifically for librarians in the "For Librarians" menu.  This is the section that includes information about Interlibrary Cooperation Grants and other useful information for school librarians.  There is also a current list of Alaskan books since 2000 for young people in this menu under Alaskana and an executive summary of Information Empowered, the Alaska-based study that shows the value of a school librarian and school library program in increasing student achievement.  Explore this "For Librarians" menu to find other useful and pertinent information.


The State Library coordinates the Alaska Library Network (ALN) and provides interlibrary loan, online databases, and resource sharing among all libraries in the state. Part of the Library Development Section and the Talking Book Center are located in downtown Anchorage in the Post Office Mall. The Talking Book Center provides recorded books for individuals with any disability that prevents them from reading print. These books are delivered by mail statewide. See http://talkingbooks.alaska.gov/ for more information.


The coordinators in the Library Development Section provide training, consultation, reference service, general assistance, and professional development to those libraries and librarians within their areas of expertise. Use the names and addresses below as contacts to help you with requests for information or services.


School Library Coordinator


Alaska State Library

344 W. Third Ave., Suite 125

Anchorage, AK 99501

(907) 269-6571          Toll-free in Alaska: 1-800-776-6566

FAX (907) 269-6580

1 800 776-6566


The School Library Coordinator (SLC) has primary responsibility for the school libraries in the state. Those working in school libraries should contact the SLC whenever library-related information, advice or help is needed. For information on particular programs or if you have questions about which resource or person to contact, contacting the school library coordinator first may save you a great deal of time.



Additional State Library Personnel you may wish to contact


Linda Thibodeau, Director

Alaska State Library

P. O. Box 110571

Juneau, AK 99811-0571

(907) 465-2910

FAX: (907) 465-2665

email: linda.thibodeau@alaska.gov


Library Development Section

Sue Sherif

Head of Library Development

(907) 269-6569

fax: (907) 269-6580

email: sue.sherif@alaska.gov


Julie Niederhauser

Public Library and Continuing Education Coordinator

(907) 465-2916

fax: (907) 465-2665

email: julie.niederhauser@alaska.gov


Patience Frederiksen

Grants Administrator/Marketing

(907) 269-6566

fax: (907) 269-6580

email: patience.frederiksen@alaska.gov


Valerie Oliver

E-Rate Coordinator


email: erate@alaska.gov


These staff members have primary responsibility for public, special, and post-secondary libraries but also work with school libraries in special capacities. With the school library coordinator they are involved in support for school/public combined libraries.

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